Manual Scavenging

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Sewage handling in remote and rural locations, places which are inaccessible to big machines and situations which make heavy machine use financially unviable has been the unbridgeable chasm in eradication of ‘manual scavenging’.

Frugal mechanized sewage handling in decentralized, inaccessible and unviable locations is the solution. Manual Scavenging is the only way so far in houses, multi storied buildings, clearing clogged drains and even removing settling solids from the sewer system to prevent their clogging. Importantly, it can also be used in self-help mode helping individuals in keeping their home sanitation system healthy while removing the stigma attached to sewage handling task.

Unconfirmed figures place the number of ‘manual scavengers’ working in India around 2,00,000.  National policy on Faecal Sludge and Sewage Management states that 62,000 million litres of Semi-liquid municipal waste i.e sewage is generated each day by an urban population of 377 million in India, yet below 30% of it is connected to sewerage treatment plants. Further it also states that 47% of the urban toilets are not connected to any trunk sewer out of which 73% of the toilets are Water Closets. Rural sanitation, with growing incomes and awareness is slowly shifting towards water closet toilets and septic tanks.

The direct beneficiaries of JALODBUST are as under

  1. Sanitation workers can now let JALODBUST do the task involving physical exposure to the sewage and sludge
  2. Manual scavengers who are responsible for unclogging sewers and emptying the manholes/ inspection holes in sewer lines in lanes and location in accessible to large and heavy machines
  3. Water jet cleaning of clogged drain lines using sewer water, no clean water is needed for water jetting.
  4. Workers involved in clearing the blocks in drainage system within buildings where only portable system can be used.
  5. Individuals who believe in self-help to keep their drainage system un-clogged and clear
  6. In rural septic tanks, JALODBUST can be used for pumping out sewage away into a pit dug in the ground for receiving sewage thus eliminating ‘manual scavenging’. In time this sewage can be used as manure