Jalod-Bhava is the Demon of Sewage

Raj-tarangini on Kashmira


Jalodbhava (जलोद्भव) is the name of a demon born in the waters and reared by the Nāgas according to the Nīlamata-purāṇa.—Having obtained boons from Brahmā, the demon Jalodbhava began to destroy the descendants of Manu dwelling in the lands of Dārvābhisāra, Gandhāra, Juhuṇḍura, Śakas, Khaśas etc. Seeing this devastation, Nīla approached his father Kaśyapa who had reached Kanakhala in connection with his pilgrimage to all the sacred places of the earth, and requested him to visit the tīrthas of Madra and Himavān. Kaśyapa visualised the situation and requested the gods Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Śiva to do the needful. Viṣṇu followed by Brahmā, Śiva and various other deities, proceeded to Naubandhana to punish the demon Jalodbhava.

Jalodbhava being imperishable in the waters, Viṣṇu asked Ananta to make an outlet for the waters by breaking forth the mountain barriers. He did accordingly. Thereupon the demon created the darkness which was soon dispelled by Śiva holding the sun and the moon in his hands. Viṣṇu then fought with the demon and cut off his head with his discus.