Mechanized Scavenger

Please watch the following Clip for Decentralized Mechanization explanation


Some tasks of a ‘Manual Scavenger’ in decentralized sanitation system and inaccessible (to heavy machinery) locations

  1. Emptying the sludge from the septic tanks
  2. Removing settled sludge and dirt collecting inside the sewer manholes or drains
  3. Clearing the Sewer system by removing blocks when it is clogged
  4. Helping clear the clogged domestic drainage and manholes
  5. Emptying sludge from lake intake area stilling basin

Constraints around which JALODBUST needed to be designed 

  1. Location cannot be accessed by heavy machinery or bringing heavy machinery to remote locations is unviable
  2. The machine has to be portable
  3. The site of work would not have electricity
  4. The weight of machine has to be within human carrying capacity
  5. The machine has to work on below 500 watts power plant
  6. The sludge has to be agitated while being lifted to keep solids in suspension
  7. The machine must be able to handle solids passing through a 10 mm sieve
  8. Priming and use of foot-valve will make cleaning of machine difficult
  9. It should be able to handle viscous semi-liquid sludge