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Lending a helping hand to the Sanitation Worker
Go to Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks

Emptying Small septic tanks in unconnected Sewer System. 37% Urban Toilets depend on unconnected Septic Tanks

Go to Sewer Manholes

Sewer Manholes

Sewer manholes in narrow lanes and isolated locations, that can’t be accessed by Heavy machines can be be emptied.

Go to Domestic Drainage

Domestic Drainage

Blocks in drainage system inside individual homes, Buildings and higher floors can be removed by its Declogging attachment.

Go to Sludge from Lake Inflow

Sludge from Lake Inflow

Lake inflow/ wetland area receives suspended solids which occupy storage area over time. Regular desludging can keep the lakes fresh ever.

The Name JALODBUST............. . Jalodh Bhava a Demon was born and grew up in Kashmira Lake. Having obtained boons from Brahma, JalodBhava became haughty and began killing the people. Nila of Kashmir approached his father, Kashyap and asked him to save them from this demon. JalodBhava was imperishable in water so he had to be killed after draining the Kashmir Lake by Ananta. After great effort, the JalodBhava was killed and the people relieved from his tyranny. Waste, when mixed with water becomes a life threat and difficult to manage like JalodBhava. Smart & Compact JALODBUST comes with the powers to bust the Demon of semi-liquid waste easily and relieve the humanity from a growing man-made threat.


Innovation, Invention and Engineering without a Social Conscience will only enable us to destroy ourselves in more creative ways. - RICH KRESSLY
Enigma of 'Manual Scavenging'

At Bottom of the Social Pyramid lies the 'Manual Scavenger'. With the lowest wage expectancy they keep sinking in depravity and social disability. Their lowest wage expectancy itself beats the financial viability of any Intervention Technology. Modern society must lend a helping hand to pull someone out of the hole, that was created by modern sanitary systems.

  • Innovator, CEO, Founder

  • Networking Consultant, WIT, Bengaluru


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Representing the Mentors, Guides, Supports and Stalwarts 'for' JALODBUST


Co-Founder, Innovator
Rakesh has spent over two decades in Construction of Mega Hydro Projects. Having experienced rowers of Nature he also realizes the rewards that are hidden there in. He is an ardent innovator having applied 7 patents so far.


Co-founder & Outreach lead
A Law Graduate from Christ Univ, Bengaluru, she has a clear inclination for social issues of the society. She leads the Outreach effort at JALODBUST


Media Lead
A Graduate in Design from Symbosis, she has a flair for Media, Art and Design. She Leads Media and Communication at JALODBUST

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Dignified Livelihood instead of Manual Scavenging

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