Manual Scavenging

Please watch this Clip for understanding the urgency of bringing in JALODBUST


When the single pit leach pit (74% of the 9,60,00,000 toilets built under Swachh Bharat Mission) fills up with Fecal sludge, unless it is emptied the toilet will overflow and be rendered useless. When 2,83,00,000 septic tanks mostly urban fill up with Fecal Sludge, one day it needs to be emptied. JALODBUST is Affordable, Portable and sustainable Single operator System which can reach every village and lane to take over the task of Manual Scavenger.

Those urban places, having road access and reachable by Vacuum trucks and de-watering pumps, have only the liquid removed, leaving the sludge for the bucket and shovel wielding Manual Scavenger at the cost of his life, dignity and safety.  JALODBUST reaches everywhere economically and easily because it is small in size, affordable and its invented technology can remove sludge mechanically, without intervention by man. Importantly, it can also be used in self-help mode helping individuals in keeping their home sanitation system healthy while removing the stigma attached to sewage handling task.

Unconfirmed figures place the number of ‘manual scavengers’ working in India around 2,00,000.  National policy on Fecal Sludge and Sewage Management states that 62,000 million litres of Semi-liquid municipal waste i.e sewage is generated each day by an urban population of 377 million in India, yet below 30% of it is connected to sewerage treatment plants. Further it also states that 47% of the urban toilets are not connected to any trunk sewer out of which 73% of the toilets are Water Closets. Rural sanitation, with growing incomes and awareness is slowly shifting towards water closet toilets and septic tanks.

JALODBUST SaniPreneur is a Livelihood model for One person, who can earn upto a net monthly income of 35,000 with dignity, safety with this equipment.

The direct beneficiaries of JALODBUST are as under

  1. Sanitation workers can now let JALODBUST do the task involving physical exposure to the sewage and sludge
  2. Manual scavengers who are responsible for unclogging sewers and emptying the manholes/ inspection holes in sewer lines in lanes
  3. Individuals who believe in self-help to keep their drainage system un-clogged and clear